Balloon Popper  Typing Game

Type faster with our awesome typing game Balloon Popper for beginner typists! Click the correct key on the balloon to pop it. You have 90 seconds. Green balloons are lowercased, yellow balloons are uppercased, blue balloons are numbers and red balloons are special symbols. The faster you type the faster the balloons fly upward and the harder it gets. Can you get the highest score in the world?

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Worldwide Score
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guojia 2299
Vier Pixi 1831
Culver Kwan 1807
arlene 1793
Suryaditya Sharma 1741
yoosle 1721
LifeOfBeastRebel 1713
Dongho Shin 1655
Vasil Masthead 1631
anju sharma 1623
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