Typing Games

Balloon Popper Typing Game
For beginner typists. Click the correct key on the balloon to pop it. You have 90 seconds. Green balloons are lowercased letters. Yellow balloons are uppercased letters. Blue balloons are numbers. Red balloons are special symbols. The faster you type the faster the balloons fly upward and the harder it gets.
Whack-A-Mole Typing Game
For expert typists. When a mole emerges it will hold a sign, type the word on the sign to whack the mole! You have 90 seconds, each mole can hold a word from two to four letters long. The faster you whack the moles the faster and larger the words become.
Carnival Shooter Typing Game
For advanced typists. Type every word you see until the duck moves off the screen. You have 90 seconds, each duck can hold up from 2 to 5 letters. Extra bullseye targets with numbers are setup for some quick extra points. The more words you complete, the faster the duckies go.