Typing Test  Ten Key


Ten key is the number pad usually located on the right side of long keyboards. Practice your keyboard typing speed here with numbers only or numbers and symbols with this free online 3 minute typing test. This is great for data entry jobs and accountants. Taking the 5 minute test is a good indicator of your speed, but 1 minute is enough for fun.

Typing speeds are measured in words per minute or WPM. Start typing above to begin the test, it will automatically start counting down how much time you have left. While you type the word will be highlighted in green. The typing area will turn red when you make any mistakes. Type as fast and accurately as you can, any mistakes or corrections you make will affect your final score. If you login you can save your score and compete against the world. Choose the dropdown menu for different languages. Here are more tests you can challenge yourself with: words, sentences, ten-key numbers only and ten-key numbers and symbols.

Want to type faster and get a better score? Play our free online typing games or visit the tips page to increase your keyboarding skills!

Worldwide Score
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Henry Benson 48.82
Quinn Zinnia 46.39
Eva Farris 41.70
Nate Quinn 36.49
Tracy Johnson 36.21
Stacy Gordon 32.19
Ada Po 30.85
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